Imagine...After Just One Weekend With Me You Could Discover The Secret To Easily Attracting A Quality Man Who Is Worthy Of You (And Who Will Court You, Commit To You And Put A Ring On It Too!)

ATTENTION: Are you a super successful, strong Black woman who is powerful in your career, holding it down in your life, yet still find yourself single (and you don't want to be?) Then girl, you're in the right place! 

It's time to stop believing that there are no good men out there who can and that you could do bad all by yourself and do what works!

Let me ask you a few questions (If any of these hit home, then say YASSSS!) 

Are you sick and tired of meeting men who don't have their lives together enough to be in a relationship with you? 

Do you settle for "on-again/off-again" relationships because you're afraid of being alone or starting over? 

Or, do you attract men who are great on paper and who tell you they feel a connection to you but turn out to be unavailable? 

Have you been single a long time (and can't remember the last time you went on a real date)? 

Do you feel like you're doing all the work in your relationships because men just won't step up, plan a date, or commit?  

Do you feel like it's easier to focus on your work than to invest time and enegy into dating? 

Do you feel invisible to men, and become awkward around guys you're attracted to, even though you have no problem being with them at work? 

Or, maybe you're getting a lot of attention from men, but you just can't seem to meet "The One" and dating is becoming exhausting?

Are you ready to leave all of that behind, defy the odds, and finally get the love you desire and deserve? 

Great! Come spend a weekend with me in sunny California and you will! 


Dr. Aesha, you were a Godsend and an answer to prayer. I went from 3 dates in 10 years to more than I could count in months! The biggest advantage and gain was the personal growth I experienced. It was less about finding a husband and more about finding me. When I found her, the true me, the me that was buried and suffocating under the needs and demands of others, I became irresistible to men. I had more dates than I could count. I had my pick of men, and learned how to handle myself, including living out my priorities and values. When I met the man I went on to marry, he proposed in 6 months! 

Not only did your coaching help me attract the man of my dreams, but I also left my full time job and am totally self-employed and have contracts with two different government agencies. I am writing a second book. I took three honeymoons in 7 weeks, and I am currently working from home in front of my fireplace until we get our new, at-home loft office space furnished.Yeah... just a few changes. You were the catalyst." ~Karen, entreprenuer, age 46

A wonderful thing happened on this first day of Kwaanza this holiday season. My relationship status changed from single to engaged. While it has been a long time coming (living the single life for almost 28 years), my Mr. has been well worth the wait. I was able to be vulnerable and open with him due to the tools you gave me. Thank you for everything!” 

~Maria, PhD, 50

I made the decision to give it a chance because I knew in my heart that I needed a catalyst for change if I really wanted to focus on opening myself up and finding love. I figured, "Why not!? What do I have to lose?" I rely on experts in every other facet of my life and career so why is dating any different? Society tells us that love should just happen but the reality is, for most, it doesn't… there has to be a concerted effort and focus and I figured if Dr. Aesha could help me shift my focus and give me a few practical tips along the way, it was well worth the money. I was right! I never would have met my boyfriend if it weren’t for Dr. Aesha. He very much knows what he wants and is ready to settle down. A major plus is that he completely understands my career and that I am not able to easily relocate. He owns his own businesses where he can work from wherever and has indicated his willingness to relocate if things progress. I'm really excited about him and thankful that I didn't listen to my first thought and close the door to him simply because he was long distance.

I had a bunch of rules in the past too but they did me no good! Once I got rid of them and started giving all kinds of men a chance, it's been so much easier and far better! So, if you're hesitant like me, give it a try! It might surprise you!”

~Kim, lawyer, 40

Look, sis, I know you're successful, but are you happy? 

Sit with that question for a bit and then say YASSSS! if any of these ring true for you: 

  • You look so good on the outside that your friends and family always come to you for support, and they don't know that you are unhappy on the inside! 
  • You SLAY everyday, you're dresed to the nines and making good money, but you're working all the time and don't remember the last time you felt real joy
  • You've got your own and you're a boss! You've bought the house, the car, the exotic vacations, but you're going to bed with no one (or the wrong one) every night.
  • You fear the more successful you get, the more likely it is that you will end up alone. 
  • You've spent your whole life taking care of everyone else--your Mama, your kids, giving advice to your friends, serving at your church or charity, bailing your relatives out of their emergencies and being the reponsible "Good Girl" who followed all the rules, and now you wonder, "When is it going to be my turn?"
  • You've been burned by love before, helping men with "potential" with money, encouragement, and support, only to have them turn around and betray you. These memories haunt you and though your head says, "I want love," your heart says, "don't get hurt!"

Behind that "S" on your chest, you're frustrated, exhausted, and maybe even a little embarrassed that despite the fact that you've checked off all of your goals, you can't get the one thing you truly want: real, authentic, deep love. 

You feel like a personal failure or less-than-a-woman because love hasn't happened yet. 

This missing piece to your life is something you don't talk about much. But the longer you ignore this secret shame, the more it slowly creeps into other areas of your life, threatening to destroy everything you've accomplished.



It's Time For You To Stop Working So Hard At Relationships, Defy The Odds And Learn How To Effortlessly Attract The Man Who Will Cherish You Forever

By The End of This Luxurious, 3-Day Weekend, You'll Feel The Frustration Melt Away, Your Faith In Love Will Be Renewed, And You'll Have The Blueprint To Create The Passionate, Healthy Relationship You Want

I know you've done a lot of work on yourself. You "work" to push past that feeling of hopelessness that it'll never happen no matter what you do. You "work" to show your ex you have a fabulous life and he was wrong about your worth and value. You "work" to be in a better place emotionally. You "work on your body, you "work" on changing your dating profiles, you work on finding new places to meet men. Then you work your career too much and you don't have time for self-care or rejuvenation, leaving you no time for LOVE. Just thinking about it makes you exhausted!

Can I keep it 100 with you? 

Hard work got you where you are in your life and career, but it won't help you in relationships because you keep linking your loveability to what you DO instead of receiving love because of who you ARE.


So Why Will Be Found: The Luxury Retreat Work When Everything Else You’ve Tried Hasn’t?

 When you're a smart, successful sista, you will try to use your intellect to change your situation. Reading books engages your mind, but you really need to learn how to master your heart and embody the confident, authentic, vulnerable woman men find irresistible. 

Pampering is a sacred principle that heals the Strong Black Woman Syndrome, engages your your mind, spirit and body all at the same time, transforming you into the woman men want. 

For generations, Black women have been the backbone in relationships, despite the fact that we’ve had to bear the heavy burden of pain, and silencing our voices in the process. 

Because we survived, we believed ourselves to be “stronger” than any other person on the planet. But living into this stereotype of our supernatural strength has come at a steep cost to our minds, bodies and spirits. 

You give, give, give.. 

You do, do, do...

You link your worth to what you DO for other people instead of who ARE! 

You put up with crap with men because you're expected to be able to take it. 

These deep seated beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation and keep you trapped in a cycle of dysfunctional and one-sided “quickie” relationships where you there will be chemistry and an intenense connetion, but you never experine the deep, vulnerable, abiding love. 

You’ll overgive in your relationships and nurture everyone but yourself. You'll sacrifice your own needs or suffer silently, never asking for a commitment because you don't want to push a man away. You become resentful and build walls. You'll have "trust issues" and believe you can't depende on anyone but yourself. Or, you'll feel invisible to men, become awkward around them when in your career, you have no problem talking to them. 

You never really learn the set of skills it takes to navigate intimacy and instead have intense, emotional connections, but never enduring love. When you go through a love trauma, your heart and mind take a hit, and your body keeps the score. So even if you feel like you’re over it, the fear of being hurt can trigger you to put your walls up, even when you’re with the right man.  

The only way to break this cycle and attract real love is to become immersed in a luxurious environment that literally heals the self-protection mechanisms you’ve been using that BLOCKS love from filling your heart. 

That’s why I put together a unique, one-of-kind, transformational experienced where you will be PAMPERED and treated like the queen you are. 

Pampering goes beyond getting a mani-and pedi. It’s a mindset shift and an approach to life which says “I Matter,” and shifts you into a place that allows you to claim your right to love, joy, passion and pleasure instead of struggle, obligation, and effort. Pampering is going to show you how to get in alignment and connect to the confident, yet feminine woman you’ve always imagined yourself being, and will reconnect you to your personal power so you learn how to ATTRACT what the love you desire, instead of grinding, hustling, working, and pursuing it (like you’re used to doing in other areas of your life.)  

 During this luxury retreat, you’ll be surrounded by opulence, and ean hw o treat your body lovingly like the precious temple that it is, while pouring the right information into your mind and elevating your spirit. You'll learn how to receive love and believe from the top of your head to the soles of your feet that YOU ARE WORTHY of every good thing you desire. 

Plus...This Whole Experience Is Led By Someone Who Was Once Where You Are

I was the church girl who followed all the rules, but ended up with a broken engagement, a humilating relationship with a guy from the church who cheated on me, and years without ever going on one date. I focused on school and enjoying my life like everyone taught me to, but it didn't result in a husband. I was told I was too independent, too successful and too intimidating to get a man. 

It wasn't until I learned some simple secrets that I attracted, met and married my husband in 11 short months, all while I was completing my PhD and teaching at a prestigious university. We've been married 10 years, so I bring far more to the table than someone who, say, tells women to "think like a man" or a woman of faith who writes books for singles but has never been married. I defied the odds, and now I want to help you do the same!

When you come to the retreat, you'll personally work with me and learn how to let go of the hurts of the past, discover your true worth and loveablity, and learn how to balance love, money and your career. 

And because you'll be surrounded by a sista circle of other fabulous, like-minded women, you'll learn in community. You'll discover that you're not alone--and this is important--you'll learn things you "didn't know" by listening to other women share their stories, questions, and aha's during the retreat.  


It's Your Time! Let Me Pour Into You. Imagine....

...A judgment-free zone where you’re surrounded by other women who “get you” so you don’t have to answer stupid questions like, “When are you gonna find a man?” 

...Gorgeously stunning surroundings that literally fill you with peace so that you feel recharged and replenished and you have HOPE again (or maybe for the first time in your life). 

..Enjoying healthy, gourmet meals that nourish your body and tantalize your palette

...Coaching sessions by the pool, getting a spa treatment, and being treated like the QUEEN you are 

...A fun man panel where you get to mix and mingle with handsome men who have their stuff together and who are there to take care of you

...An entire weekend where you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself and you can fill yourself up so you give from your overflow

...A beautiful, colorful workbook and a customized blueprint in your hand that will show you exactly how to navigate the modern dating world so that you go from single to committed in the fastest time possible..

...And much more!

Retreat Details:

Dates: June 23-25, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Airport: LAX

Hotel: Ayres Hotel--Hawthorne/Manattan Beach $139/night


Friday: 6 PM

First Session

Red Heels / Meet & Greet 

Saturday 9 AM -5 PM


6 PM-9 PM

Man Panel & Party

Sunday 10 AM-12 PM

Final Workshop 

I’m so committed to you, because I believe sisters need love too! I know you’re serious about getting the love you want and if you could just stop making dating mistakes and learn how to stop working so hard at relationships and receive love, you’d meet better men and fall in love faster than you thought possible. 

We can do this…together! 

This Experience Is Priceless And You'll Say "Worth Every Penny!" Just Like These Women Did! 

“See, for the life of me I could not understand that a woman like me, who in many ways meets the check off list of desires that some men may have, why am I having the hardest time being found – particularly by the ones that I want to find me?

I decided to work with Dr. Aesha because if I had to learn another language or skill for employment I would sign up without hesitation so why not take a course on obtaining the best skills to help me attract the kind of love and life that I want, prayed and fasted for years. I learned to practice self care, define my heart desires and how best to communicate my intensions and how to simply be present in the moment; to enjoy the moments. There were a few stumbling blocks getting started such as determining whether or not I really had the time to dedicate to completing the assignments (but I knew there was nothing pressing that would distract me other than my DVR and I decided that was 60min of tv viewing was not going to stand in my way of love).

Now that I understand where I’ve been and crafting a plan to move forward I’m more confident that I will make better choices which will ultimately lead me to having the life that I want."

~A.W., age 38, New York

"Before taking your class, I didn't think most men were interested, I had no clue where to find them and I pretty much made zero by effort by staying busy and hiding behind the "it will happen when it happens" mentality. I was not satisfied with my results or lack of results from being passive and disengaged when it came to love. So, I decided that if I wanted different results, I needed to try a different strategy. 

I've discovered that energy is CRITICAL. The moment I became open, men came out the woodworks quick fast and in a hurry. It was like a switch went off. I also learned to value myself more and to do things that bring me joy. I have released so much anxiety and for that I am grateful. I am a work in progress but every day I am one step closer. I just had my 3rd date with an amazing man and I’m so excited about this journey. You can do it!

~A. A. age 35 Maryland

So great news - I had a breakthrough with deciphering the type of man I've been dating over these past 15 years. It became abundantly clear that all of the men I've dated have the exact same traits. I mean literally the same man. I see now how crucial it is to really pay attention to your patterns and to be discerning and present when you meet men. I'm really excited about being able to identify a high quality good man. These tips and insights are so impactful and are tools I will put into my toolkit for life! I'm ready to meet some great men!


Greetings Dr. A

Sending you an update on my love life. To date, I am off line and my profile is down. I was found on Ok-cupid. Although time spent with my beau is considerably brief, he feels so familiar to me. Our flow is easy and effortless. He is a true Gem. He is helpful, giving, caring and thoughtful. I can share countless stories about him but I know your time is of the essence. He invited me to meet his mother and siblings this Christmas. All I can say is, I smile more. He makes it so easy for me to surrender to love and willing to do forever with him.

I am extremely grateful to you. I would not have pursued on-line dating had it not been for you 



It is amazing the truly "simple" things we do not know despite all our degrees and accomplishments. Dr. Aesha Adams-Roberts you truly are a pioneer to develop a course like this. You have completely changed my outlook on dating and given me REAL HOPE! Thank you for sharing your gift with us and soon the world! Stay tuned - I know my testimony is here!


So I asked one of the guys I'm dating what he likes most about our connection and he replied "Vibes Vibes Vibes". I asked what he meant and he said "Your energy is so refreshing & I like that we connect on so many different levels!" I say this to say that the "energy" that Dr Aesha Adams-Roberts talks about is R E A L as heck! They can pick up on the energy that we put out and can shift the direction of any relationship. The lightness I feel is amazing and I'm focused on staying that way. There's no lie that my old patterns creep up and some times spill over I'm learning to keep myself in check and to divert my attention elsewhere until my anxiety passes over! Thank you Dr Aesha for the tools. I just want you to know that they're really effective and this course was worth every penny! 

It's amazing the results I am seeing. I feel like a weight has been lifted, in turn, I am less stressed and it shows in my demeanor. Also, by me reprioritizing my time and making it work for me feels good, and I slept really well last nite.

This was what I've been searching for, it took awhile but I can see my life opening up in a whole new way.


This all sounds good, Dr. Aesha, but how much will this cost me? You Can Choose Your Level of Access & Experience 

I've designed this retreat to be an intimate experience so there's only room for 40 10 attendees and tickets have already been selling fast! 

Look sis, everything you’ve tried on your own hasn’t worked, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? You don’t need to try harder. You don’t need another book. You need a proven system and a mentor who’s been where you are and can take you to where you want to be! I’m honored that you trust me to walk alongside you in this portion of your journey to love and marriage. Let’s get started. I’ll see you at the retreat!

Just in case you're one of those sisters who need to think it over...

It sounds good, but what if doesn’t work for me? 

Do you believe your situation is so different from other women? Or do you think you’re too broken for anything to work for you? If so, that’s hopelessness and worthlessness talking and it’s a sign you NEED this reteat! You are not going to be able to think your way out of singleness. And if you keep thinking you should be smart enough to figure this out on your own, you'll never know how to stop striving and start receiving love. You have incredible worth, but to see it, you need to begin to relate to yourself in a new way. This retratis going to help you embrace your loveability so you never again question whether or not you deserve love and will give you the action steps to attract it. 

I’ve already tried everything from books, to classes to that online dating thing…I know what’s out there. How will this be different? 

I hear you sis, but one thing my clients have discovered is that It’s not what you know, it’s what you don't know! Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign that you are vulnerable and open which men LOVE. The very act of you taking this experience will switch on you attraction factor and position you to attract quality men. If you want different results, you have to approach dating in a new way, and I’m going to show you how!This is the ONLY coaching program on the market that gives real solutions to the unique challenges sisters face in dating. You will not find this anywhere else.

Well, I know myself. I don’t have the time for this because I'm so busy! 

Sis, I have to speak a raw truth to you: If you want a man to commit to you, then you need to commit to yourself! You keep saying you want to have something different, but you’ll have to do something different to have what you say you want. Stop lying to yourself and you’ll find you stop tolerating men who lie to you! Put yourself first and get into a space where I—and sisters who love you—can hold you accountable. You’ll get the same information my high-end clients pay to work with me at a fraction of the cost. Let’s get started! 

 I’m just gonna wait on God to send me my mate 

Question: how’s that working for you, so far? There's a difference between waiting on God and waiting because of fear. I want you to remember that faith without works is dead. You have to take the right actions to meet this person. Sometimes the right decision doesn’t feel comfortable, which is often a sign you need to choose faith and your desires over your fears! 

 I just don’t have the money 

I sooooo know how you feel, sis! So let’s have a heart to heart talk, ok? is it that you just don’t have it in your bank account because you’re struggling to make ends meet, or is it because you’re planning another cruise to the Caribbean? Either way, I want you to consider this: We often overspend on gadgets, weaves, braids, vacations, cruises, shoes, new cars, going back to school, and more BECAUSE we don’t have love. It's time to stop putting your money ON you, and start investing IN you so you can get the love you deserve.

Why do I have to get help? My friends met their spouses on their own. Why can't I? 

I hear you sis, but that's the shame of the Strong Black Woman Syndrome talking. Comparing yourself is a sign that you don't know your own worth. What if you saw yourself as such a valuable gift who deserves support, nurturing, pampering and love? What if you stopped being the one everyone turns to, and you let me pour into you? Plus, God always uses a person to answer your prayers. You just have to be willing to receive. 

If We're Gonna Heal, Let's Make It Glorious! 

That's what Beyonce said. She also said, 

“We all experience pain and loss, and we become inaudible." That's why I put together this retreat. So you can give voice to your pain and come out on the other side singing, "He put my love on top!"

Think about it. It’s easy for your life, health and bank account to be broken when your heart is broken. My clients discover that when they get their love life right, their money gets right, they lose weight, get off of high blood pressure medications, and get jobs, raises and businesses that reflect their true worth and value. Being loved, accepted and supported by the right man can make your life easier. I’m not suggesting you look for someone to be your hero and fix your life. Instead, I’m saying that satisfying your number one need for love can soothe the pain that’s distracting you from fixing the problems in your life (and maybe even the reason why you’re creating them in the first place). 

So instead of going on another Girlfriend's Cruise where you'll have fun (maybe meet some cute guys but nothing will come of it) and return to an empty condo or spending tens of thousands of dollars going back to school to get another degree, you could make this small investment into yourself (AND have a luxury vacation at the same time) and reap HUGE returns!  

When you’re gazing into the eyes of the man who adores you and treats you like a QUEEN you’ll be so glad you took this step. 

Plus, I know you make a way out of no way for everyone else. This time, instead of trying to find coins to go to the Beyoncé concert or get another pair of designer jeans, I want you to invest in you! You are worth it. 

The women who take register for this fun, rejuvenating, transformative retreat will be properly prepared and positioned to attract the relationship they desire. Isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that what you deserve? The answer to your prayers often come in the form of an opportunity. Don’t miss this one.  


Dr. Aesha