Get Your Ring Finger Ready, Girl! .... I Will Personally Guide You Through The Exact Formula To Efforlessly Inspire Your Man To See You As The Woman He Needs, Cherishes and Can't Live Without (And You'll Do It With No Drama, Pressure or Fear of Losing His Love)  

Dr. Aesha

The Courtship and Commitment Mentor For Successful Women

Get The Ring VIP Day Will Show You How To Get Your Man To Commit To Marrying You! "Will you marry me?" are four of the most sought after words for smart, successful, single women who don't need a man to achieve great things, but feel like something is missing because you can't seem to get a man who is commitment minded today. 

These words only carry that special spark when coming from the right man for the right reasons. Not for outward beauty, not for sex, not for money, and definitely not just to have a woman to cook, clean or take care of babies, but because he has been swept off his feet with tenderness and can't help himself because he sees you as “WIFE MATERIAL,” the woman he can not live without.  

Isn't this what you want?  

Then this Virual VIP Day is for you. From the comfort of your own home, I'll walk you through the same 5 formulas I discovered after a broken engagement, a drama-filled relationship with a commitment-phobe, and years without any prospects that led me to meet and marry my husband in 11 short months (and we've been happily married for 11 years!). 

Each of the 5 different formulas are filled with practical, actionable MUST DOs that will lead you to what you most desire: His heart! 

VIP day is experiential and hands-on, as I lead you through each of the formulas, not left to figure it out, or have GAPS in your education and then make mistakes when you try to put it into practice. And now you can have it at your fingertips!

Module 1: Date & Talk Like The Secure Woman He Wants 

When you understand the two reasons why men commit to relationships, you can get him to commit easily…if you can be a secure woman. To get him to commit means both making him want to marry you and fear losing you

This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact, it's hands-on transformation, and it's all about getting solid results. By the time you're done with this module, you'll know:

  •  3-shifts to get rid of insecurity, distrust and self-centeredness and transform yourself into a vulnerable yet confident woman so your man feels confident about committing to you.
  • Identifying, healing and releasing your love traumas that turn into drama triggers so you stop pushing him away and invite him to come closer
  • Exactly how to get out of relationship "power struggles" and start inspiring him to happily give you what you want right now.
  • All the little questions you need to ask him to find out where you stand without playing games or acting like you don't want marriage 
  • The result is you’ll stop hoping for commitment-- you’ll expect it and men will respond to you differently, almost overnight!  


“Dr. Aesha was a Godsend and an answer to prayer. I went from 3 dates in 10 years to more than I could count in months. I became irresistible to men. When I met the man I went on to marry, he proposed in 6 months!" —Karen, 46, New York 

Module 2: Bypass His Body & Win His Heart  

In module two, I am going to work with you to Turn him on (without sex) by turning on your feminine leadership skills. 

  • Turn him on (without sex) by "turning on" your feminine leadership skills. 
  • Plug into your authentic power, find your voice, reclaim your power to choose (instead of waiting for him to choose you), heal your relationship with your body so you exude confidence and sexual energy, and experience what it’s like for him to give you his love without you having to trade it for sex.  
  • Communicate your boundaries in a way that appeals to his masculine urge to protect and provide for you  

““A wonderful thing happened on the first day of Kwanzaa this Holiday Season. My relationship status changed from single to engaged. While it has been a long time coming (living the single life for almost 28 years), my Mister has been well worth the wait. I was able to be vulnerable and open with him due to the tools you gave me. Thank you for everything." 

~Martha, Married Augustf 2017 

Module 3: Let Him Chase...You Set The Pace  

You should expect commitment, but when is the right time to bring it up and how? In this module, I'll teach you the 5 stages of relationships and the psychology a man goes through in each stage so that you don't pressure him bu you inspire parnhership.

  • The must-have qualities he needs in order to be "The One" 
  • How you can show him you’re girlfriend/wife material without overgiving or losing yourself)
  • The Art of the Invitation of Pursuit and how creating tension (not pressure) can make him wake up and see you as the one-of-a-kind woman he’s been looking for 
  • The Turnaround Technique to pull out of your back pocket and use if you feel him pulling away. He’ll fall in love with you again and again.  
  • What psychological triggers in a man can make him overcome his fears of settling down and how you can tell if his fears are something you can help him get over or not 

“He brought up the exclusivity/relationship talk right before Christmas. As to date, we're exclusive and in a relationship. A part of me believed this wouldn't happen before this year was out. Thank you so much!" ~A.P.

Module 4: Master The Art of Manglish: Using Sweet Talk/Smart Talk With Your Man So He Listens, Responds and Gives You The Love, Respect & Commitment You Want 

In this module, You’ll learn how to guard your heart but still be open and loving in your communication and most importantly, talk so he understands, listens and responds!  

  • Scripts and role-plays for the 5 make or break moments in ALL relationships. How you handle these can mean the difference between breaking up or moving forward.  
  • When to use direct communication and when "sweet talk" is more appropriate
  • The No-More-Drama Approach To Handling Conflict that can save your future marriage 
  • The 2 types of listening you must master if you want your man to open up & share his heart and mind with you


"It took multiple emails, and me going back and forth for weeks before I decided to sign up. Not only did I have to think about it, I definitely over thought it! I would get Dr. Aesha's emails and ponder for an hour over whether this is something I should do. I made the decision to give it a chance because I knew in my heart that I needed a catalyst for change if I really wanted to focus on opening myself up and finding love. I figured, "Why not!? What do I have to lose?" I rely on experts in every other facet of my life and career so why is dating any different? Society tells us that love should just happen but the reality is, for most, it doesn't… there has to be a concerted effort and focus and I figured if Dr. Aesha could help me shift my focus and give me a few practical tips along the way, it was well worth the money. I was right! I never would have met my boyfriend if it weren’t for Dr. Aesha”~Kim, 41, LA

Module 5: Wife Material 

In this module, I'm going to show you how to show him you're wife maerial wihout giving him wife privileges. You'll learn:

  • How to meet his needs and nourish his soul without turning into some submissive Betty Crocker (if that's not who you are)
  • How to create a common vision and a set of relationship agreements that will create the foundation for a lasting, passionate marriage 
  • Why you shouldn't be afraid if things turn "boring" and how predictability is a good thing 

“I love the woman I'm becoming. I've discovered a different kind of confidence. One that doesn't need to be expressed, it just is and people see it! I'm now in a relationship. I used to dream of when I'd get married but now they're all becoming a reality. It's not if it will happen, but when! I just hope I don't faint when he proposes. "—Jen, 26, LA 

Plus, These Incredible BONUSES! 

  • BONUS #1: VIDEO RECORDING of your session so you can listen again and again and consult me as your virtual mentor whenever you need a refresher (Value: $97)  
  • BONUS #2: "Can We talk" PDF book of questions and scripts for your texts, emails, face-to-face conversations, conflicts and moments of emotional intimacy. This is a must-have for your communication toolkit! (Value: $397).
  • 30-Minue Follow Up BreakThrough Call to chart out your next steps and keep you on track toward your relationship goal (Value: $297)  


It’s hard to put a price tag on matters of the heart, isn’t it? In fact, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why do I have to “pay” for something that comes so naturally to everyone else? Does that mean something is wrong with me?”  

No, not at all! There are some things you need to unlearn that are getting in the way of you connecting with a man in such a way that he sees you as his one and forever love. You don’t know what you don’t know, right?  

So I’d like to invite you to see this from another perspective. What is the cost of you NOT mastering these formulas and spending even more time trying to figure it out on your own through trial and error and heartache?  

TruthBomb: You’re either spending TIME or MONEY and as George Fraser said, “Time is non-refundable.”  

Ask yourself, what have I already missed out on because I didn’t know this information?  

  • Have you wasted your child-bearing years alone, or worse yet, staying with the wrong man and now you feel panicked and hopeless about it ever happening for you?  
  • Did you have to take a personal day from work to get over a breakup or did you feel unfocused and unmotivated in your business because you had man troubles?  
  • How many hours of reading, and attending free trainings or in-person seminars have you spent trying to research the answer to what you’re doing wrong? How many journals, book clubs, singles retreats have you bought that didn’t work and are piled up in your garage?  
  • How many vacations did you go on, shopping sprees you treated yourself to, extra hours at work did you volunteer for, all as a futile attempt to try and stop thinking about the emptiness you feel every time you see another “I’m engaged/I’m pregnant/I’ve got a boyfriend” status on social media?  
  • How many hours have you spent arguing about commitment with your current boyfriend? How many months or years have you invested with him without having a label, an assurance that you’re the only one for him, or the ring?  
  • How many hours per day have you struggled with fear-based emotions that come with not having the love you crave, emotions like anxiety, apathy, loneliness, cynicism, guilt, frustration, anger, or overwhelm?  

Now, tally up all those hours. Seriously, do it. I’ll wait for you.  

As they say, time is money, so let’s look at the value of your hour.  

Let’s say you make $120,000 per year, so if we were to put a number on one hour of your time, that’s $120,000/ (hours in one workweek X 52 weeks) = $58 per hour.  

Let’s just say you notice you spend 8 hours per day in a state of frustration and you noticed you always overeat, overshop and lose sleep because of it.  

Now, let’s do the math. That’s $464 per day down that drain. In just one month, you’ve wasted $13,920 worth of your time. In one year, that’s $169,360, almost $50,000 more than your gross annual salary! This VIP Day experience will redeem your time (and prevent you from wasting another second without the man you want!), plus you’ll save on travel costs since it’s all virtual, from the comfort of your own home. So now, what would it be worth to you to stop the drama, become a secure woman who wins the heart of the man she wants, and creates a life with him, filled with love, honor, respect, joy, amazing memories and a lasting legacy?  

Most relationship experts charge $4000-$5000 for a VIP Day nd they only give you worksheets and a fancy lunch in a boutique hotel, and call it a day.  

I’m committed to guiding you through a real transformation with proven formulas so you change how you FEEL about yourself, and how you communicate with your man so you can have MORE of what you want and you are in control of creating the future and legacy that’s waiting for you.  

The total value of the bonuses alone is $791, but you won’t pay that for the VIP Day.  

I’ve priced the VIP day to meet your budget if you are a highly successful woman who has the house, car, vacations and ore and doesn’t have a problem investing into her future and her happiness.  

For a limited time only, I’m offering these VIP days for only $497.  

You can’t even get a pair of red bottoms for that! Don’t you feel you are worth investing into your own happiness instead of buying more stuff that distracts you from the pain of not being able to have the love, security and marriage you want?  

Not only that, but learning these confidence and communication skills will change your relationships in every aspect of your life. I’ve personally witnessed women take what they’ve learned from me and lose 40 unwanted pounds, heal stress-related illnesses like high blood pressure, negotiate higher-paying contracts, land their dream jobs, travel more often and have a more satisfying and fulfilling life.  

Just click the button to claim your space, and my team and I will send you all the details to schedule your very own VIP Day right away!


Dr. Aesha