You're About To Discover The Only Obstacle Between You And A Lasting Relationship With The Man You Want 

...And the EXACT things to do daily to have a man who treats you like a QUEEN and is 100% committed to you and only you

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What Is The Make It Last Bootcamp?

Imagine what it would feel like if men really understood you. If they respected your request to be more consistent or to give you a heads up if plans were going to change...What if they saw you, flaws and all, and still loved you unconditionally, and just allowed you to be your best self. 

Imagine how good you'd feel.

Imagine how safe you'd feel.

Imagine how easy it would be to open up, let your guards down and love. 

I know this sounds like a fairy tale (or maybe a pipe dream), but it is possible when you've mastered one secret.

Ask any happily married couple what their secret to passionate, lasting love and I'll bet you they'll say: Communication! When you and your man can share openly and honestly you create a REAL bond of trust, freedom and authenticity that's hard to break. You can weather the storms of life because hard times won't break you up or break you down. 

Yet very few smart, successful women have mastered the art of how to talk so your man will listen. Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one gave you the manual for that when you were in grad school or out here building an empire. 

Instead you've experienced so much frustration, confusion and pain trying to figure out what men are thinking and why your man won't act right, that relationships feel like too much work! 

You already have a full life and a lot on your plate. It feels easier to stay single.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

In my Make It Last Bootcamp, I've done all the work of understanding men so you can know exatly what to say so you get your needs met. All you have to do is show up and learn my unique system of communication that will help your man feel comfortable with being honest and sharing his thoughts and feelings with you. You'll feel heard, cared for, and understood by a man who is everything you want and you won't be afraid that the relationship will fall apart over some text message. 

Sound good? 

How Will Make It Last Bootcamp Help Me?

All of the gurus tell you to "think like a man," and your girlfriends tell you that men won't ever change. You've believed a myth that men don't have feelings or don't care about yours. But as one bachelor in the barber shop told me:

Just because a man doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve, doesn't mean he doesn't have one in his chest!

Let me break it down: Your man wants to be honest with you. But years of being told to "man up" has made him afraid that if he tells you the truth, you'll see him as WEAK, INSECURE and less of a man. So he's waiting on cues from you before he really opens up to you. 


Because you never knew this game-changing secret (and it's not your fault), you've been working hard at what doesn't work. 

  • Nagging him to get him to change
  • Avoiding confrontation so he won't feel pressured
  • Putting your guards up so he won't be able to use your vulnerability against you
  • Interrogating him like he's a suspect to find out his intentions
  • Blocking his number after he makes you feel rejected
  • Picking a fight over something insignificant when he gets too close
  • Using sarcasm or criticism to respond to something you don't like
  • Putting up with bad behavior because you believe he'll change
  • Withdrawing your affection when he hurts your feelings
  • Giving him the cold shoulder and refusing to talk to him after a fight

...And other insecure behaviors you resort to because you didn't know the words to use that inspire a good man to step up, make things right, and take care of your deepest, emotional needs. 

To do that, YOU need to feel confident & secure and overcome your own triggers that make you shut down like the Ice Queen, or go from 0 to 100 like a Drama Mama. 

I created Make It Last Bootcamp to solve both problems. In this interactive, LIVE virtual workshop, I'll personally give you expert guidance on how to make the internal shift in your heart from insecurity to security and this will change how your man responds to you. Then, you'll get a whole system for communicating which includes:

  • How to stop the mental gymnastics that turn you into a pretzel trying to guess what he means by his latest text, or jumping to conclusions because you didn't understand something. 
  • Man Code For “I’m Ready For A Relationship” (and what he'll say when he isn't)
  • How to turn off that "Oh here we go again" trigger and disrupt your negative communication patterns and replace them with the 5 habits that all happy couples share
  • The right way to react when he does something wrong: This will eliminate the secret resentment inside of your man that builds every time you criticize or use sarcasm to complain about something he did, and instead, he'll gladly make the changes to make you feel happy. 
  • How to stop every day talks from turning into full-blown arguments
  • The right way to phrase your questions to get to the heart of the matter so you avoid sounding like an investigator who puts him on the defense. You'll get him to just be honest with you!
  • HOw to stop being so problem-focused in dating and relationships and put more energy on cultivating closeness and togetherness so you inspire your man to want to take care of you. This ONE teaching will build a solid foundation for your future together!
  • Your 5-Minute Relationship Assessment Script to test if your relationship deserves another chance or if you should walk away. 

This bootcamp will stop the frustration, communication breakdowns and "triggered" reactions to men that have created broken relationships and a sense that there are no good men out there. Your eyes will be opened and you'll have an immediate breakthrough once you get your hands on these timeless secrets an principles that create effortless intimacy and peace with your man. 

It's beyond time for you to know what real closeness, confidence and security feels like and this Power-Packed Bootcamp is exactly what you need to get there.

We Will Cover These Hot Topics:

  • How to create security in your relationship so you feel confident to express your truth (and he does the same)
  • The "No Drama" Approach to conflict and the power words that are guaranteed to inspire your man to respond to you the right way
  • Understanding your own communication style and how your man receives it
  • Awakening your feminine intuition so you can trust your judgment with men
  • Decoding your man's communication style and the easy way to get him to open up
  • The 5 phrases he must hear in order to change, commit, be consistent, and step up and lead the relationship
  • Your untapped "superpower" with your man that makes him crave non-sexual intimacy and friendship with you, even while he's wildly attracted to you
  • How to use an argument to bring you closer instead of further part
  • How to shut down unnecessary drama without shutting down your heart (or his desire to be close to you)
  • The Level assessment which helps you audit your relationship and see if it can be saved after a big breakup or breakdown
  • How to spice up your relationship so you nurture and grow it with romance, fun, variety and passion!
  • How a man can detect your deepest fears and unexpressed feelings, and how hiding them can ruin your connection and make relationships feel like so much work. I'll show you the easy way to shift your beliefs and create the security you need so that you trust your man as your greatest source of love, support and strength. 

What Results Have Your Clients Seen?

““A wonderful thing happened on the first day of Kwanzaa this Holiday Season. My relationship status changed from single to engaged. While it has been a long time coming (living the single life for almost 28 years), my Mister has been well worth the wait. I was able to be vulnerable and open with him due to the tools you gave me. Thank you for everything."  

~Martha, Married August 2017  

Prior to working with you I never had a meaningful relationship with a man. I would always attract men that came on strong and then later found out that they were emotionally unavailable or were mentally unstable. I often thought that there was something wrong with me. I am a successful sista. I have a Master’s degree, I own a home, I own/operate a 6 figure business…With all of those accomplishments, I could never seem to get that relationship thing right.  

After working with you I learned that I am a gift. I also learned how to be authentic in my interaction with the new man that God brought into my life. You helped me to understand that I deserve to be loved and valued. I am now in an exclusive dating relationship with the man of my dreams. The day we decided to take our friendship to a new level he said… “I do not want to date anyone else but you.” He also said, “You are going to make a great wife.” I am so grateful that he made his intentions clear. Now we are focusing on getting to know each other and allowing God to guide our relationship to the next level. 

~L.M, New York

Thanks for the teaching so far. I love the woman I'm becoming. I've discovered a different kind of confidence. One that doesn't need to be expressed, it just is and men see it! Changing how I communicate, literally overnight I saw the wrong men leave my life and the right men step into my life.

~Jen, 27  

Dr. A, after I shifted how I communicated with men online like you told me, they stopped disappearing. I just had my 4th date with a guy last night, and we're going out again tonight.


Sounds Good, But You're Not a Man, So Why Should I Listen To You?

Nope, I'm not one of those male gurus who make videos in their bedroom without a shirt and reveal all their man secrets while you swoon over how good they look with a beard.

But I did meet and marry my husband in 11 months and we've been happily married for 11 years.

Our marriage has been rock solid and weathered the storm of sickness, miscarriage, job loss, raising kids, moving four times in three years, and much more, because we turned to experts to teach us how to understand and communicate with each other. 

I've also logged hundreds of hours working up close and personal with women just like you, listening to their deepest fears and pointing out their blindspots with men. I watched women destroy a good relationship before it got off the ground just because she didn't know how to express herself. As a result, I've developed an entire curriculum on communication and I've used it to personally coach women on how to turn an disagreement into a chance for more intimacy. I've equipped women with tools to stop being awkward around men they're attracted to and start being confident, sexy and irresistible! 

Plus, I've interviewed men as a matchmaker and listened as they revealed their pain and insecurities with me, all because I knew how to be a safe place for them.

Now, I'm not holding anyting back! I'm giving you the man secrets, wisdom and expert insight I've cultivated through blood, sweat, and tears so you can have a shortcut to your dream life. So let's get started!

What Will I Get? 

#1) On-Demand Access To Make It Last Bootcamp 

Recorded Live with Dr. Aesha 

Join Dr. Aesha, The Love Doctor on a step by step crash course through little-known communication secrets that create a secure, lasting relationship...without you having to change who you are or what your standards are.

*These sessions were previously recorded live and are now available on-demand in your own private membership portal. 

#2) FAST ACTION BONUS: "Can We Talk" Scriptbook (value $197)

A beautifully designed PDF book full of scripts, insight and the exact power words to use that are proven to work with men. Your "what should I say?" moments are solved for you with this book. No more guesswork, anxiety or confusion. The only work you have to do is flip to the right page and wow him with how different you are from other women! 

Is The Make It Last Bootcamp Right For Me? 

This high energy, interactive one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for you if:

  • You are confident in your career, but feel awkward with men and they don't approach you, ask you out, or want second dates with you. 
  • You've never had a relationship last more than a few weeks or months and you can't figure out why
  • You feel inexperiened with men and relationships
  • You keep attracting emotionally unavailable men who aren't on your level
  • Your last relationships either blew up because of arguments or fizzled out because you just stopped talking to each other
  • You feel fear and anxiety when a man gets close to you and you want to know how to let your guards down
  • You're in an on-again, off-again relationship and want to know if you should give it a chance 
  • You end up investing months or years into relationships with men who say they enjoy your company but they won't commit to you

...And you finally want to the relationship to last so you can stop dating and start building a life together with your man

Does that sound like you? If so, this Boot Camp will help you cross over from your crisis of confidence and become the woman who effortlessly commands love, respect and understanding from your man. 

Joining Me For The Make It Last Boot Camp Could Be The Difference Between Your Relationship Lasting A Few Short Weeks or Months... or A Lifetime. The Choice is Yours!

Only $297